A Cross-border Approach to Tourism Development Based on Water Resources Project
Ref №: 2007CB16IPO007-2011-2-98

The project objective is:

To utilize the cross-border regions' abundance of landmarks and natural resources for the diversification and creation of new tourism products through participation and involvement of local population.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • To improve the infrastructure around the water basins of the river of Bistrica in Satovcha (BG) and the lake Lipkovska Brana in Lipkovo (MK);
  • To support establishment of tourism initiatives that contribute to their utilization for the purposes of tourism;
  • To establish long term partnership between two municipalities for the purposes of future initiatives in the field of sustainable development.

Municipality of Lipkovo

The project is co-funded by EU trough the IPA Cross-Border Programme
Republic of Bulgaria – FYR Macedonia CCI number 2007CB16IPO007

Municipality of Satovcha